Excerpt from Scene 1 of Jonah: a miracle play

Lord:                       Arise, get thee to Nineveh the proud,
[trio]                        and rail against that city, for perchance,
                                its wickedness hath risen like a cloud
                                before Me, and upon’t I look askance.

                                        [Jonah paceth]

Jonah:                     Ah! woe to me, my God, that I should hie                       
                               to Nineveh and there pronounce God’s curse,
                               whilst I, with no defense, am like to die, 
                               or live a slave of conquer’rs, which is worse.
                               Besides, what need have they of warning, they 
                               who do oppress and ravage Israel?
                               Let fire from Heaven scorch them in the way,
                               God’s wrath undo their strength and mighty spell.
                               Or does He mean to prompt them to repent,
                               His gracious mercy and His loving heart
                               to show, forgiving sin unrecompensed?
                               By Isr’el’s blood, I will not act the part!
                               To Joppa, find a ship, and journey then;
                               to Tarshish shall I go, beyond God’s ken.

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