Excerpt from Scene 2 of Jonah: a miracle play

                                        [They cast lots, and it falleth on Jonah]

1st Sailor:                Tell us what happened now, we pray, and why
                               upon thee fell the lot.
2nd Sailor:                                                What fault of signs 
                               or portents did precipitate thy try,
                               that we may know the reasons and designs
                               behind whose cause this evil doth impart
3rd Sailor:                                   What thy occupation?
1st Sailor:                                                                    Whence
                               com’st thou?
2nd Sailor:                                   What nation from, what people art
                               thou of?
3rd Sailor:                             What seekest thou, in going thence?
1st Sailor:               Didst thou some rank impiety commit?
2nd Sailor:              Didst sin or hold some evil in thine heart?
3rd Sailor:               Did impropriety make thee unfit?

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